[PROMO SET] Naengmyeon Cold Noodle + Galbi Pork BBQ

RM 45.00

Enjoy Korean Cold Noodle with Galbi Pork BBQ!

2 Pax Korean Cold Noodle Meal Kit + Galbi Pork BBQ 300g

[Naengmyeon - Korean Cold Noodle]

Easy to cook! Authentic taste!

Enjoy Korean cold noodle in this hot weather!

2 pax portion


1. Boil noodle for 90 seconds,

2. Rinse the noodle with cold water,

3. Mix with soup and cold kimchi slices


Keep chilled or a bit icy.

You can also enjoy with boiled egg, grilled meat and/or other ingredients as you prefer!

[Pork Collar BBQ marinated with Korean Galbi Sauce - 300g per pack]

Enjoy Korean BBQ at home!

Easy to cook! - You can even use frying pan to grill!

Tip! - Grill with little bit of oil at medium low heat until the meat turns to dark brown colour. 

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